U-B.A.E. Apparel - The Road to Self-Confidence, Self-Love, and Self-Care

Have you ever experienced the following?

  • Low Self Esteem
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Feeling Unattractive
  • Doubt About Your Abilities
  • Taking Care of Everyone But Yourself
  • Burnout
  • Not Caring or Investing Time Into Your Appearance


We have at U-B.A.E. Apparel! We've been there! This leads to low productivity, depression, becoming stagnant, weight gain, laziness, and an overall drop in CONFIDENCE! Drops in confidence then lead to drops in progress, an increase in feelings of uselessness, feeling used by others, and not being able to achieve goals or make progress on any aspect of your life that YOU want to make progress in.

Too often, many women, including myself, the founder of U-B.A.E. Apparel, have put others before themselves. We get into a habit of making everyone else, "BAE," which stands for (Before. Anyone Else.) I began to think the following thoughts:

"How can I effectively take care of others (family, friends, pets, etc.) while caring for myself?

"Does it have to be one or the other?" "

"I don't want to live a life of servitude where I make others happy but I'm not!"

"I want to live a wonderful life too and want to look my best while doing it!"

"You only live once!"

Well, what was holding me back? Looking in the mirror, my skin was dull, I had breakouts, dark spots, and textured skin. I had gained 70 pounds from laziness due to depression. My overall energy was low. I didn't want to go out often. The list goes on! I didn't do my hair, I wore whatever I could grab from my closet or drawer first. I didn't accessorize. Hey, I actually realized I hadn't even bought a single article of clothing for myself in years! Yes, I didn't match. Yes, I looked exactly like nobody loved me. I told myself I didn't care about these things and that, "I'm not that type of girl. I don't need to wear cute clothes or take care of myself. Who has time for that, anyways? I don't care about things like that..." and blah blah blah. The list is endless with excuses! No wonder I didn't value myself enough to make time for ME!

In truth, I now realize it is because I didn't love me. Why? Simply put, for the reasons below:

  1. I had no previous knowledge of how to fix any problems I had due to not being taught any type of beauty regimen at a young age.
  2. Anytime I did research there were a million products and steps needed to fix skin, hair, nail problems etc. Information also varied greatly on what to do. It was a bit overwhelming and confusing.
  3. Not making time for myself to take care of my hair, skin, etc.
  4. Creating excuses to not care about my self-image or saying that I didn't have time.
  5. Not focusing on ONE thing at a time and making it a habit. I focused on trying to change everything at once and didn't make it a part of my regimen.
  6. I didn't focus on my day and putting these things into a solid regimen by planning it out.

How did I overcome this? You can try this, too!

I followed these steps:

1. I chose one thing that I wanted to change or make a regimen out of. For example: Wanting clearer skin. How do I get that? One way is by washing my face twice a day. Am I going to jump into twice a day? No! This is overwhelming for someone who hasn't made this a habit. I choose to wash my face in the morning. I need to do both, yes, but baby steps! I researched a good regimen for my skin and bought some products for this purpose only.

2. I looked at my schedule and chose a set TIME to wash my face every morning. If I didn't have time that day I woke EARLIER just to wash my face. You may think this is impossible, but trust me! After you wash you face, your skin will look so much better and you will FEEL so much better! Looking at your skin will boost your dopamine and serotonin levels putting you in a MUCH better mood starting your day and giving you ENERGY! I set an alarm on my calendar and marked off as I completed this task DAILY!

3. I took before and after photos to document the change.

4I kept this up for 15 days to make it a habit.

5. Afterwards, I moved on to the next goal I had and repeated the process.

6. I started not being afraid of attention and actually choosing to stand out even if I was uncomfortable. (Check my hair! It's platinum blonde for a reason!)

 Why U-B.A.E. Apparel?

U-B.A.E. Apparel's concept is simple. You Before Anyone Else. Instead of putting everyone else first, why not try putting yourself first and treating yourself like B.A.E., because you deserve it!

 Here, we're not like other brands! We want to take the guessing game out of taking care of yourself! You have enough to do, right? That's why you've probably read this far (if you're still here)!

Our goal is to provide fashion that is simple and easy along with some DIY Self-care Kits that come with demos, instructions, and the 411 on their benefit to you! No more having to search Google and get discouraged! We don't provide any product without an explanation here. Lashes come with a kit, demos, and instructions on how to use and take care of them! We won't leave you hanging!

Speaking about self-care! We believe in standing out! That's right! No more standing in the background for you! You're ready to shine and have the spotlight on you and our goal is to provide that! You will find fashion here that is unique, interesting, and fun without going too far! 

Wishing you a warm welcome to U-B.A.E. Apparel!

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Sending love and light always,

--Stephanie, CEO and Founder, U-B.A.E. Apparel